Visit to Togo : Lomo and the Africa Mercy

Hello. we’re just limbering up to visit the Africa Mercy in Togo on 17th -24th July, where the medics have been doing fantastically effective and volumous work. Tim Cole and I ( Ashley) from Saatchi Design are there to take photographs of Mercyships work in Lomo so we can show supporters , donors, prospects and volunteers.

The Africa Mercy in Benin…09

Each country has it’s own challenges, and this year Togo have just experienced riots and unrest, so we may be limited in our ability to visit outreach projects, surgeries and hospitality centres. Neither are the local people keen on having thier pictures taken – believing we are stealing thier souls.  A combination of clandestine and upfront requests should do the trick, but it can be hairy work.

One of the things we want to achieve this year is to capture the Brits contribution to the ship. We’re hoping to spend some time with volunteers to hear their story, discover thier motivations and record thier work as a visual narrative.

We’re proud of our Doctors, Nurses and support staff who give often years of thier lives to care for the African poor, and its such an unsung, unassuming activitythat is touching and humbling for us to witness. The big society is very much alive and well on board the Africa Mercy.

I hope to blog about our experiences daily, so do tag along from Sunday 18th..regards. Ashley


2 Responses to “Visit to Togo : Lomo and the Africa Mercy”

  1. Tom Bradley Says:

    Hi there, my name’s Tom, one of the photographers on board at the moment. Really looking forward to meeting you when you come out, would love to talk photography while you’re here. Hopefully protests won’t curb your movements too much!

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